Life is not an algorithm

Even if you 'follow the plan' you still might not be a fanof what exactly you end up with -because who decided long agowhich direction you should gowho actually came up with it? Parents, peers or politicians?Who gave you your choices?Rules, regulations, rightswho controls your voices? Who to trust, who to tellwho really knows you …

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Imposter Syndrome of Nervous Writer

Imposter Syndrome – Nerves of a novice.

One of my biggest fears about writing is that one day somebody is going to call me out - a fake, a phoney, or as a clueless wannabe. She has no idea what she's doing! I always thought that this was just nerves or another wonderful side effect of having anxiety, that is until I …

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Poetry Open Mic Night: Social Media

Poem: Social Media

I was lucky enough to perform this poem at my local poetry open mic night at The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, the theme was 'Social Media'. There were many great poems and stories told and the night was wonderfully open and friendly to all. I had never read my own poetry aloud to an audience before …

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To Stop and Smell the Roses – Writing & Anxiety

I am guilty. I am guilty of not basking in a moment of pure joy and pride. I have anxiety. I've had it as long as I can remember, but only put a name to it in my teenage years. Generalised Anxiety Disorder. GAD. Why is this important? Well, sometimes when you have anxiety, you …

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