Great news! One USA based & one UK based! Want to literally wear your love of books? Maybe spruce up the house with a little book magic? Or how about a mug for the office? I’m going to highlight two online stores I came across recently, and why I got happy-dance excited to share them […]

Are you a copywriter? Want to be? I did a little freelance copywriting whilst I was in between studying and honestly, writers in this field can sometimes be undervalued or feel a little isolated.  There are many reasons for it but I think the main two are that not everyone understands the role and it’s […]

Why needing help and having people offer it to you is okay.

So, I played To the Moon. A few friends had already played this on Steam and recommended it so whilst I had some time I thought why not? I like a good story and I’m pretty fond of RPG games so this seemed a nice way to leisurely scroll through a couple of hours. If you’ve […]

Snow for Spring! Tips on beating the winter blues from ‘The Beast from the East’.

There are many opportunities and places to get noticed out there, today I wanted to highlight some homegrown talent and local opportunities in the creative industry. Film Personally, I’m not a big script or screenwriter, but I know so many people who are interested in that, so this one is for you. I thought I’d tell […]

When talking to people about what we like doing or something we’re good at, very often we talk about who in our family you ‘got’ the skill from. It’s one of those weird little things that always gets me wondering… I don’t know if I got given any skills from my family directly… for instance, I didn’t […]