A lot of people write, whether it’s a novel, instructions, or just an email – the important thing is to get it right. Every time you write, you have to adapt to whomever you’re writing for. These skills aren’t learned overnight and even the best courses can only get you so far – the […]

  Now, I’m not naive enough to think that this blog will suit absolutely everybody, and this may all seem obvious to people who already know how to stay motivated. I will say though, that the steps I give to you today might be useful to you personally, or your friend, or even just part […]

    So, I’ve taken a personality test online before but out of curiosity I retook it recently to see if the results were the same. They were. The reason for this came from looking at career advice and recruitment tips, recruiters promoting these tests – What? Yes, I have noticed a bit of a trend in […]

  August is always a busy time for me, it’s when the pace picks up at work (even though it’s our quiet period?), the weather’s a bit nicer, people are making plans, holidays are booked and it’s mine and my father’s birthday month. So, my apologies for neglecting the site. Oh, I forgot – There’s a bank […]

I’ve previously touched on writer’s block and techniques you can use to get yourself back to writing – so today I thought I’d use one of the books I’d praised [‘642 Things to Write About’] and play around with a prompt from the book letting my imagination ramble on. Disclaimer: This could go anywhere – enjoy. […]

Great news! One USA based & one UK based! Want to literally wear your love of books? Maybe spruce up the house with a little book magic? Or how about a mug for the office? I’m going to highlight two online stores I came across recently, and why I got happy-dance excited to share them […]

Are you a copywriter? Want to be? I did a little freelance copywriting whilst I was in between studying and honestly, writers in this field can sometimes be undervalued or feel a little isolated.  There are many reasons for it but I think the main two are that not everyone understands the role and it’s […]