There are many opportunities and places to get noticed out there, today I wanted to highlight some homegrown talent and local opportunities in the creative industry. Film Personally, I’m not a big script or screenwriter, but I know so many people who are interested in that, so this one is for you. I thought I’d tell […]

When talking to people about what we like doing or something we’re good at, very often we talk about who in our family you ‘got’ the skill from. It’s one of those weird little things that always gets me wondering… I don’t know if I got given any skills from my family directly… for instance, I didn’t […]

So studying, working part-time, learning to drive and dealing with a number of bumps along the way… but I’m here again updating you all on my tinkering with writing. So, what has this busy bee been doing? First things first, working on a novel. Whatttt? Yes! I always thought of novel writing as a hobby […]

So my quiet Sunday couldn’t have been more perfect. I was woken up to the hum of the radiators kicking in, drew back the curtains and saw a powder coated scene straight out of a Christmas snow globe. The perfect time for a hot drink and cracking on with some writing eh? Nope. The first thing […]

How can I become a writer? Lots of people worry that they aren’t qualified or experienced enough to be labelled as a writer. This question is very simple to answer. You need to write. There are no exams to definitively label you as a writer. Many people before me have said what I’m about to […]

After graduating the first time around in 2013, tomorrow I’m going back to University for my very first class… and I am nervous. Why? I’ve done this type of class before, I work at the University… What is going on? The sensible (ish) twenty-seven year old me knows that this is temporary first-day jitters but still, […]

You’re too short, too tall, too weird, too geeky, too feminine, too manly… the list goes on. At some point, someone has pointed out a difference to you from themselves. We all have things that don’t fit the “norm”. Some wear that as a badge of honour, some bury it deep down, but we all […]