I’ve previously touched on writer’s block and techniques you can use to get yourself back to writing – so today I thought I’d use one of the books I’d praised [‘642 Things to Write About’] and play around with a prompt from the book letting my imagination ramble on. Disclaimer: This could go anywhere – enjoy. […]

Great news! One USA based & one UK based! Want to literally wear your love of books? Maybe spruce up the house with a little book magic? Or how about a mug for the office? I’m going to highlight two online stores I came across recently, and why I got happy-dance excited to share them […]

Are you a copywriter? Want to be? I did a little freelance copywriting whilst I was in between studying and honestly, writers in this field can sometimes be undervalued or feel a little isolated.  There are many reasons for it but I think the main two are that not everyone understands the role and it’s […]

Why needing help and having people offer it to you is okay.

So, I played To the Moon. A few friends had already played this on Steam and recommended it so whilst I had some time I thought why not? I like a good story and I’m pretty fond of RPG games so this seemed a nice way to leisurely scroll through a couple of hours. If you’ve […]

Snow for Spring! Tips on beating the winter blues from ‘The Beast from the East’.

There are many opportunities and places to get noticed out there, today I wanted to highlight some homegrown talent and local opportunities in the creative industry. Film Personally, I’m not a big script or screenwriter, but I know so many people who are interested in that, so this one is for you. I thought I’d tell […]