Life is not an algorithm

Even if you ‘follow the plan’
you still might not be a fan
of what exactly you end up with –
because who decided long ago
which direction you should go
who actually came up with it?

Parents, peers or politicians?
Who gave you your choices?
Rules, regulations, rights
who controls your voices?

Who to trust, who to tell
who really knows you that well?
You are the one who has to live with it.

Life is not an algorithm
we do not always want what’s given
because it’s just not human nature.

Life isn’t a major,
a course, a series, a tick list,
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,
what about Amateur dramatics?
Or Dance, Art, craft-making or
what if you have a musical heart?
What plan is for you then?
What role do you play again?

You’re all important. Imported.

Life isn’t an algorithm
stop trying to fix it –
it cannot be won,
it cannot be lost,
you just have to remember to live in it until you’re done.

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