Poem: Social Media

I was lucky enough to perform this poem at my local poetry open mic night at The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, the theme was ‘Social Media’.

There were many great poems and stories told and the night was wonderfully open and friendly to all. I had never read my own poetry aloud to an audience before (I won’t say performed so much as I was so nervous!) but now I have the bug and can’t wait for the next open mic night in January 2020.

Thank you all to those who gave me kind feedback, I definitely picked the right event and group of people, thank you. I’ll post details below of the event in case anyone else is interested and obviously the poem that I read.
You can find the details of the event here and future shows:

Poets, Prattlers & Pandemonialists presents – P.A.S.T.A: Open Mic Night
Follow the page on Twitter: @pandemonialists


Poem: Social Media

I’ve got Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,
So all the people I meet can see who I really am,
Or at least who I want you to see.
It’s only the online version of me.

Not forgetting Google+, Maps and LinkedIn,
and now you can all see where I’ve been,
Where I’ve worked, ranked and star reviewed
with pictures of my pre-eaten food.

I don’t always post what I really think.
Heaven forbid I’d throw in the kitchen sink.

All these posts, pictures and Gifs,
to tell you how interesting my life really is,
is purely out of an emotive need,
a human greed for company.
The real reason we’re using technology
Is to hide the honesty of really being lonely

in this digital age.
We scroll the page on the sadness we all feel,
deny that it’s even real,
with motivational messages and shirts,
we don’t tweet how much it just hurts,
that I haven’t seen your face for a week

and I miss you.

I’ve got Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,
hundreds of followers who don’t know who I am,
when the devices are put down to charge,
I am left alone by large,
and it hits me, in a world of connectivity,
I have social media and I still feel lonely.


Have you ever performed your poetry? Or wrote a poem for a specific event?
I’d like to hear about your experiences. 🙂

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