Lyrics: Next to you


You held my hand, when I was sad,
When I missed my mom and needed my Dad,
You kept me grounded when I stayed awake,
You held me tight when I started to shake.

There’s no-one like you,
Treats me like you do.
Oh, walking next to you.

You pulled me up, when I started to fall,
You stood by my side through it all,
Your love, your light, your kindness and laughter,
We will get our happily ever after,

Because all that you do,
Can’t believe that it’s true.
Oh, working next to you.

My partner, my love, my rock, my pride,
My heart, my soul is yours tonight.

There’s no-one like you,
I love you it’s true,
You make me feel new,
When I don’t have a clue,
Oh, living next to you.

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