Call for contributors: Writers – you are needed!

Call for writers

So this post is a little different to my usual ones…

I’m calling for contributors to write for the blog here about writing and the writing community.

I can only write from my own experiences and my own opinions and sometimes I get questions I just don’t have the answers to – so I’m calling on you.

If you’re a writer – any creative OR professional writer and you would like to write a voluntary blog sharing your experiences or top tips, get in touch!
Drop me a message, comment below or use my contact form.

My only ask is that the piece is helpful or insightful in some way – tips, advice, sharing your journey etc.

You don’t need to be a published writer, just a passionate one who wants to share with the writing community and your name and links to your social media/website would be included, this is about community and lifting each other up, giving everyone a voice.

Finally, if you don’t want to write here, feel free to share your links in the comments below and if I get enough responses, I will make a page for links to other sites.

The goal is to start a conversation and a place to share the writing journey.
When I first started writing I felt very alone online, I could find blogs about beauty, fashion and film etc., but I struggled to find writer specific content that spoke to me, what apps and tools were writers using? Which events did they go to? How did they start? What advice do they have? Were they like me?

So, if you want to contribute – get in touch, with just a few lines about yourself and of course your writing and links you’d like to include.


– Charl.

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