Poem: You didn’t choose me

Untitled design.png

Rash decisions and poor choices,
left you listening to the wrong voices
when you chose everything else over us.

Drowning out the loud calls
for you to step up and break the fall
but you didn’t, you kept falling, took us all
with you when you dropped the ball –

You dropped us. You stopped caring at all.

I used to think we must not be worth it
must not be, must not show hurt and
this was normal love.

Never knew that it wasn’t us, it was you,
your mistakes, your hatred grew
of yourself, you didn’t even see our pain.
I could never let you in again
after finding out what true love was,

sacrifice and struggle but pushing on anyway
because at the end of the day,
you make your family. It’s worth the payday.

We are paid in love and respect
no money did I expect when you passed away.
It still hurt me.

I always wanted you to see
that I’m angry and I’ll always be angry
that you didn’t choose me.

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