Editing – Have a go! Practice & Tips



A lot of people write, whether it’s a novel, instructions, or just an email – the important thing is to get it right. Every time you write, you have to adapt to whomever you’re writing for. These skills aren’t learned overnight and even the best courses can only get you so far – the key is practice. So, today I am going to put here some pieces of writing that you can edit/play around with and see if you can make it better. There’s no judgement or score at the end of this, it is just for anyone who wants a bit of practice, I found myself that it’s not always easy to practice these skills without some terrible writing on hand, so have some terrible writing!

As a side note – if you haven’t checked it out already, Writing Magazine has a section you can use to brush up a little on your editing skills, they then essentially get their red pen out and show you how it’s done – so if you do want to grab a decent writing mag and get some answers/advice to get into the writing community, it’s one I’d definitely have a look at. I’m not going to give you the answers here, use these pieces to practice and get yourself thinking as a proofreader/editor. 

Now, before we start, I’m writing these from a UK writer’s perspective – if you are writing for an American audience don’t forget about the differences there too (e.g. Optimise – British vs. Optimize – American).

1 – E-mail from a businessemail

Oh no!

You left you’re basket full of items!
Come back any time to pick up where you left of.
come back before the 31st september to not miss out on our limited time offer of 20 per cent off using the code SEPT20.

2 – Responding to a customer reviewstars

Dear customer,

Thankyou for your review regarding your experience with our service. we aim to delivery as soon as possible we are glad that you had a good experience buying from us and we hope that you will continue to shop with us in the future and we hope you enjoy your products. Thanks again for your five star review.

3 – Advert for a magazinepen

We’re Hiring!
were looking for grate communicators for our new store in bristol.
Helping customers find the right Tech for their needs!
full and part time positions available online applications at our website.

4 – Website informationcomputer

About us.

We’re a jewelry company with over fiftenn years in the industry.
we specialize in engraving and custom jewelry. see our portfolio and review pages to hear from our happy customers and to see examples of our previous work.

The Team

andy graduated from the birmingham school of jewelry design in 2002 with a degree in jewelry making and specializes in custom bespoke designs.

lara is our engraver. She makes sure your pieces say what you need them to. she has been working in the jewelry industry for 6 years.

Ben graduated in 2008 from stafford university with a degree in business administration. He’s the guy who keeps the ship sailing smoothly a round here, making sure we stay up too date and efficient.


Have a go at the examples above and see if you can spot the errors, maybe you could rewrite them entirely? Tips: Think about the tone of voice, spelling, punctuation etc. How would you feel if you received or viewed any of these? If you’re struggling, copy & paste the examples into a programme such as Microsoft Word or Grammarly – their tools will help you out with the technical errors right away. That doesn’t mean they do all the work for you, even technically correct writing needs to have that human flair for creativity! If you don’t believe me think back to any Terms & Conditions document you’ve ever had – was it engaging? I don’t think so, correct? Yes.


Let me know in the comments if these examples were helpful and to share your own stories and tips for editing and proofreading. 🙂



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