Writing Prompts

I’ve previously touched on writer’s block and techniques you can use to get yourself back to writing – so today I thought I’d use one of the books I’d praised [‘642 Things to Write About’] and play around with a prompt from the book letting my imagination ramble on.

Disclaimer: This could go anywhere – enjoy.


Today’s opening lines:

Choose a character from your favourite video game. They stumble into our “real” world for 24 hours. You are their guide. Describe the day. What would be your highlights? What would they remember the most?xboxcontroller

Now, straight away I’m getting Last Action Hero vibes [the 1993 movie feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger] – let’s see what I can come up with as a first draft [yes warts and all!].

Have a go yourself – you might come up with something amazing 🙂


          I try to tell him that we’re not in Persia, he’s got so many questions and he wants to go outside but I know already that if we stepped outside right now, someone would call the police. His clothes aren’t exactly in fashion and not to mention the dagger he’s got holstered on his hip and the sword on his back. I try to convince him that he needs a disguise to blend in so we can go outside. He seems to go along with it. For a moment, as I’m helping him look more like a scruffy rocker than a warrior, removing the armour, his sword and untucking his trousers from his boots, I find myself questioning how he’s speaking such soft-spoken English, then I remember – the games I played were in English, so why would he speak Persian? I shake it off as none of this really makes sense and I don’t have time to waste, the English will help greatly, we might get away with this after all. I take off one of my leather braided bracelets and put it on him. He asks me what it is for, I say luck, I can’t think an easier answer.

He asks me what weapon I’m concealing, in my pocket. It takes me a second to realise that he means my phone. I don’t know where to start with explaining it but I tell him that it’s not a weapon, it’s a tool. He tells me that many tools can be used as a weapon when needed, as he says it he touches the dagger handle slightly. I remind him that I won’t hurt him and as long as we are in disguise and careful that no-one else will hurt him either. What the hell am I going to do with him? I tell him that no-one carries swords here. He looks at me like I’m mad but leaves his in the scabbard on the floor. I ask him to put his dagger in my bag – he refuses. Whilst he’s telling me the importance of it and his mission to save everyone and everything I wonder if he’d instead put the thing in my bag if I give my bag to him. Luckily I’ve got my black messenger bag today, not my handbag, that would look weird. I hand the bag over to him and offer it to conceal the dagger instead – as it’s far too important to be in plain sight. He takes my bag and examines it, without saying a word he puts it over his head and arm and carefully removes his holster, placing it carefully in my bag under my canvas shopping bag that’s in there. I catch myself staring at him. This is too weird. I tell him that we need to hide the sword, we don’t want anyone else using it whilst we’re gone.

Once he’s adjusted himself we head towards the door. I tell him one last time to follow me and to stay close.

We are on the street and I look around nervously, no-one’s even looking at him. I ask him if he’s hungry, he says yes and that he could use some refreshment. I flash back to him sipping water from his hands, I tell him that we can get some water and food.


Now, I’m going to stop here else this post will fill up my entire blog.
Can you figure out who my video game character is? Of course you can!

I’ve started the first draft of my story of how the Prince from Prince of Persia would be in our world, I could go on to finish this but I won’t – at least not yet.

If you want to please have a go yourself or even continue the story I’ve started we still have some unanswered questions from the prompt:

Describe the day. What would be your highlights? What would they remember the most?

So what else did the Prince get up to? greenpen

I hope you see how using prompts like these can tease out a fun memory or spark an interest in something you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before.
If you want to see more prompts like this I really do recommend getting a book like ‘642 Things to Write About’, or finding your own. Exercises like these help get you started and give you practice in all aspects of writing, even if you never publish them, they are a precious tool in your repertoire and sometimes fun to play with.

So, as I mentioned before – add your own adventures or carry on with this one, you can drop a comment below or even send me a link to your blog. I look forward to reading them!


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