March 18, 2018

Snow for Spring!

So thanks what’s been called ‘The Beast from the East’, we yet again woke up this morning to another blanket of the white stuff.

Personally, I prefer this to the normal Spring weather – I suffer from hay fever [actually I have something called Oral allergy syndrome/Pollen allergy syndrome but that’s a mouthful and something you can all Google later]. However, a lot of people in the UK are starting to get a little grumpy with the cold.

I thought I’d try and publish something today for all of you stuck indoors feeling fed up, bored, even worried about work tomorrow and a little robbed of Springtime fun.

Snow days – What the hell are we to do now?

When you’re stuck indoors and travelling’s not the best idea I thought I’d drop a list of stuff you can do to beat the Wintery blues:

  • Make a batch of comfort food.
    Anything goes here, cakes, breads, soup or perhaps your own pizza?
  • Crack open the hot chocolate and whipped cream.
    Make it extra special and add some cinnamon, marshmallows or chocolate shavings!
  • Do that thing you’ve not had time for.
    Everyone’s got something like this, painting, cleaning out that cupboard you can’t bear to open, trying a new craft! YouTube tutorials are awesome for a starting point for whatever your thing is!
  • Make a movie night.
    Get your PJ’s and fluffy slipper socks on and sink into a good film.
  • Enjoy the snow!
    Take the kids [or BIG kids!] out in the snow! Make a snowman, snow angels, or just watch your dog go nuts. Maybe organise a snow fight…
  • Pick up a book.
    Some people enjoy reading and if you’re here, I presume you do too. Maybe it’s a great novel you’ve had sitting on your shelf for a while, or switch it up and try an audiobook?

Whatever you decide to do today, make the most of it. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.
Here’s what I got up to 🙂

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