Interested in film work?

There are many opportunities and places to get noticed out there, today I wanted to highlight some homegrown talent and local opportunities in the creative industry.


Personally, I’m not a big script or screenwriter, but I know so many people who are interested in that, so this one is for you.
I thought I’d tell you all about a cool new film festival, some new film projects and the company behind it all… Sound good? Awesome.

raven pictures
Raven Pictures are the geniuses behind a brand new short film festival Blackbird Film Festival. This year it was held at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton.
It takes a lot of different elements to host an event like this, you’ve got presenters, scripts, programmes, venues, guests and ticket sales all to think about as well as the films themselves, a fantastic opportunity.
They had submissions for different categories and awarded prizes accordingly.
You can check out how this year’s event went down here.

As well as the Blackbird Film Festival, they also have two works due out in May this year:



I would recommend that anyone who is interested in working in film, particularly short films that you keep an eye on these guys. You can volunteer, submit your own films or just get in touch with them and start a conversation.

You can find all their details and submission info here and good luck.

Images: RavenPictures

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