Snow place like home

snowfallSo my quiet Sunday couldn’t have been more perfect. I was woken up to the hum of the radiators kicking in, drew back the curtains and saw a powder coated scene straight out of a Christmas snow globe.

The perfect time for a hot drink and cracking on with some writing eh? Nope. The first thing I did was get dressed, check how my colleague at work today was (poor sod!) and then grab the partner to go out and ‘check out the snow’ AKA build a snowman. Standard. 🙂

Even in extreme weather, forcing me to be house-bound I still let myself get distracted! However, far from being disappointed with myself like I usually would, I resigned to the fact that at twenty-seven I can still enjoy the snow and keep myself smiling… and it gave me something to write about here in the end anyway! Win-win.

It’s great that even though I didn’t quite achieve the creative bliss I had conjured up in my mind for today, I’ve still stayed safe, enjoyed myself, and had a smile on my face for most of the day… not forgetting, writing it all down here as a bonus to keep my fingertips warmed up! I think that is just as important as anything else – positivity. 🙂

I hope everyone out there is making the most out of this day, having fun and keeping safe with loved ones, I’ve already seen some amazing videos of the public banding together and helping stranded cars and vans trying to get through the worst parts of the snow-covered roads, checking on loved ones and sharing their best snowmen pictures!

With that said, you can see my contribution to snow sculpting below and stay safe and warm everyone!



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