The six steps to becoming a writer



How can I become a writer? Lots of people worry that they aren’t qualified or experienced enough to be labelled as a writer.

This question is very simple to answer. You need to write. There are no exams to definitively label you as a writer. Many people before me have said what I’m about to say… but here it is for you in six simple steps if you need a guide to get you started on your way to being a writer:


Step One 

Write. Something, anything, just put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, whatever method you want.

Step Two

Write some more. Write until you can’t write anymore, then store it somewhere safe for later.

Step Three

Give yourself a break, coffee, walk, KitKat, whatever. Maybe you leave your writing for a few hours, a few days or a week. Give yourself time to let life in and refresh your creativity, read a little too. Reading and writing go hand in hand.

Step Four

So now you’ve distanced yourself from all that writing from before? Get it back out, and look at it again with fresh eyes and write some more! This is the perfect time to edit and add more writing to your work.

Step Five

Repeat all previous steps.

Step Six

From now on, if you write regularly, you are a writer.

Now I know these steps seem too basic and a little underwhelming but the truth is that’s how you become a writer. Writing is a muscle, use it! The only things you might want in addition to the six basic steps will be things personal to you.
Do you need confidence and reassurance that you’re a writer?
Do you want feedback, support and to get a network of other writers?
Maybe join a writing group, maybe go on a course or two. These things can benefit you if you want them to, ultimately, it’s writing and writing a lot that will validate you. The courses, qualifications and networking groups are just there to help you refine your writing and learn about the industry and maybe even meet some like-minded friends and colleagues. You’re the one who has to want to pick up the pen in the first place.

So what are you waiting for?

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