Manners don’t cost a thing…

PleaseWe’ve all had that moment of being tutted at and we can’t figure out what we’ve done wrong… Or perhaps overheard a complaint about somebody else.

You might’ve heard it whilst shopping or on public transport, wherever it crops up, it’s almost certainly a busy place with people trying to get on with their day.

Living in a city you get to see and interact with a lot of different people, some you love and some you just can’t get away from fast enough. As harsh as it sounds, there are a lot of people living on this planet and you cannot get along with every single person… and I don’t think I would want to either, I like the diversity.
However, one thing I really want everyone to embrace is politeness, or as we sometimes say, manners.

When we talk about manners, what we’re really talking about is respect and patience for other people. It’s knowing how to interact respectfully around others.

The saying goes

Manners don’t cost a thing

and I have to say I think they do.
There is no monetary cost attached in putting your manners to good use, but the cost comes from your time, your patience, and sometimes your pride.

It’s very easy to be distracted by your own worries and wants in life, that you temporarily forget about the people around you. We’ve all let a door go without checking behind us, we’ve all seen someone and chosen for some reason not to help, perhaps we’ve been late or presumed somebody else will jump in… Whatever the situation might be, the goal is to learn from those experiences.

Very often we treat the positive encounters as the exception. I’m guilty of it too, I’ll thank a person for holding the door open for me and it goes no further, but if someone doesn’t hold the door? I go ranting about rudeness and lack of manners and I’ve instantly judged that person to my friends or colleagues.

I think we all could benefit from a brush up on our general manners, and maybe take a second when we’re out and about to think about somebody else’s day.


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