Writing is Marmite

thisbetterworkThere’s a saying about Marmite… maybe you’ve heard of it?

You either love it or hate it.

Well, writing I’m afraid is both.

Writing is Marmite.

Some days I love it, some days it’s my worst enemy. I feel both.

“But how can you say that YOU’RE a Writer!”

…because it’s the truth. I have been writing for a while now and you can go ahead and ask any other writer, writing is a blessing and a curse.
It sounds like the simplest thing in the world to just jot down whatever you like and ta-da you have it, but being a writer means that it’s not enough to just throw down anything you think of and expect gold. It takes time and effort to write well. Writing is a job and like any job you have to work hard to get results.

I would say that 99.9% of anything you read, newspaper to novel is not a first draft, that the author did not just sit down one afternoon and whack out the words first time. Good writing comes from practice and editing, it comes from a writer’s experience and willpower to get the work to shine. Writers are compelled to write but very often we fall into chasms that we can’t get out of, and it’s experience and determination that gets us out of it.

Chasms you ask?

Yes chasms, deep dark pits of despair. People fling the phrase Writer’s Block around but in my experience it’s not a block, it’s a chasm that you have fallen into where nothing you write is good enough or makes sense… sometimes you can’t even put down one word because none have come to you at all.

This is why you can also hate writing as well as love it. It’s a skill you will always improve upon, and sometimes that’s a daunting feeling.

Ultimately we start writing because we love it and we have something to say. If you have ever felt love, you know that you don’t give up on it easily, so when you fall into bad times, into a chasm, you have to take a moment to reignite that love, that passion and use it to climb out.

This is a writer’s greatest weapon. This comes with practice and time.

The only way to get over writer’s block, a chasm, a mood, a grey cloud, whatever you want to call it is to stop what you’re doing, take a breath and reignite your passion, let your worries and self doubts be pushed aside with an editing pen later.

Slowly in time, just like Marmite, you’ll realise that writing is sticky. Once you start writing you will find it everywhere you go.

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