The break’s over.

So I’ve had a lot of decisions to make lately, some big life decisions really, and in order to get myself organised I gave myself time off blogging here over the Christmas period.

Well, the break is over.

One of the things that I have been mulling over the last couple of months now is whether to go back to University and continue my academic studies.

*insert drum roll here*

I’m pleased to say that I have applied and been accepted for returning to a Creative & Professional Writing course for September 2017. So it is happening.
I’ve always been a writer and not getting the best writing qualifications I knew I could seemed criminal to me. I wanted another shot now I’ve had a taste of what the writing industry is really like. It may have taken a long time getting there but I am finally going to wear the funny cap and gown that I missed out on last time.

This is turning into more of a heartfelt speech than a writing blog post, but I felt it was important to keep the site and any readers (that’s you!) updated as I have been absent from the site for over 4 weeks now.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone reading this that just because things don’t work out the first time around, it doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be. I also wanted to reiterate that certificates and grades aren’t everything! I have done writing work for a while now without the highest qualifications and I know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I can’t stop writing, so I knew it was for me all along. I just have to go earn my piece of paper now because it’s what I want to prove for myself (and so Grandma can stop complaining that she doesn’t have my graduation photo!).

Finally, to end the now obvious speech I am now spouting, I just want to thank everyone around me for letting me breathe and backing me up on my dreams. In particular, to Jessica, she has listened to far too many pitched ideas and rants over long distance phone calls.
Me, you and coffee (I’ll pay) sometime. I.O.U.

What next?

Yep, you’re going to keep getting my opinions and advice on here and probably a few rants about being a student all over again! Not forgetting though that this is my writing website… I will be letting you know of any topics and useful things that come my way, so please keep checking back to join me in the writing world.

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