The Best Book for Writers.


So you might be a writer yourself or perhaps you know one… what can you get them when Christmas or a birthday rolls around?

Let me tell you.

Every year a book is released, a book that is vital to anyone in the writing industry, that book is called Writer’s & Artist’s Yearbook.

If you have no idea what this book is, it’s essentially the writer’s Yellow Pages. This directory has invaluable information in it that should be at arm’s reach whenever you are pitching any writing. It has business listings and services to advice on the media and publishing industry.

Writing a children’s story?
This book will make sure you’re pitching your story to the right publishers. No one wants a pile of rejection letters because you sent your cute kids story to horror publishers.

They release one every year, making this an ideal gift to save your writer some pennies and make sure your writer is up to date.

If you’re still not sold on the idea I urge you to dig a bit more into the book and perhaps pop down to the bookstore to flick through one, you will see how useful it really is.

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