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I have to be honest,
I am not a graphic designer.

That’s right, you heard me.

Being a copywriter and studying the craft of writing at University means that I can confidently put sentences together but I cannot produce top notch marketing material all on my own.

So, when you’re trying to promote your writing on social media which is image orientated (ahem Twitter, Facebook etc.), what do you do?

You could spend a bunch of time contacting professionals and get some really great products…
but if you’re low on finances and just need a quick blog image you can upload at 11pm then you should check out my big secret.


Now, in no way am I saying that an online DIY tool can replace a trained professional, but if you are looking to get started and want to step up from copying and pasting in Paint, then I think Canva might be your first step on the ladder of design.

So what is Canva you might ask? Canva is a design tool to make your life easier.

You can knock up blog images, social media posts, posters and business cards and much more.
It works by offering images, text boxes, fonts and colouring tools for you to tweak until your heart is content.

You can sign up pretty easily and you can choose a free or paid service. I use the free service and it does me just fine.

I won’t blab too much more about it or else you’ll think the Canva team are slipping me a sweet sum of money for pushing their service, but honestly I found it thanks to another writer’s recommendation on a forum, so I gave it a shot and I think it’s worth passing it on to the other writer’s out there.


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